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Social Work

Gardenia has been actively involved in charitable causes. Everyday, Gardenia delivers complimentary fresh bread to over 61 charitable organizations like old folks homes, orphanages and centres for the disabled, eight of which have been on Gardenia’s delivery list since 1991.

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Twiggies Wagon

Since 2002, the Twiggies Wagon has been dispensing free Twiggies to schoolchildren during special events and functions. Currently available on request only in Klang Valley, plans are underway to make the Twiggies Wagon available nationwide.

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Collaboration With NADI

As a responsible corporate citizen, we at Gardenia are doing our part to help fight the obesity epidemic in Malaysia. We are working closely with the National Diabetes Institute (NADI) on the “Fight Against Diabetes” programme, a major educational drive to bring public awareness on the prevention and management of diabetes.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in the fight against obesity. It is not just up to the food manufacturers, Governmental agencies and NGOs but also health care practitioners, retailers as well as consumers. Each one can play an important role in improving not only the wellbeing of all Malaysians but also the overall health of the nation and future generations to come.

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Breadtime Story Factory Tour

Since 1991, we have opened our factory doors to the public in order for us to share our journey, aspirations and progress with our customers. Today, we welcome over 25,000 visitors annually and take them on a personal tour of our bread factory absolutely free of charge! Click for factory visit..

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