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Research and Development

On top of being the proud makers of Malaysia’s favourite bread, we are also innovators.

Gardenia also invests in training. Key employees are regularly sent overseas for training at the American Institute of Baking and other professional institutions around the world. They also attend trade fairs to keep abreast with the global trends, new technologies and products as well as the ever changing consumers’ lifestyle.

This innovative spirit has allowed us to satisfy the appetite of consumers with a wide variety of other goodies.

Quality Assurance

We are also committed to providing only the best quality products to our customers. To ensure that the superior quality of every Gardenia product is consistently maintained, our QA laboratory conducts random quality checks round the clock and closely monitors product quality at every stage of production.

Tips on how to keep the delicious taste of Gardenia at its best:

  • Store bread in cool dry place.
  • Always reseal bread bag to prevent bread from drying out.
  • Do not place bread close to strong smelling agents like detergent, onions, etc. as this will affect its taste and aroma.
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