Falsehood 7: I too found an alive worm in my Sambal Bilis Bun

Since late yesterday, we noticed a string of postings mushrooming across all social media platforms allegedly claiming to have found alive worm in their Sambal Bilis Bun.

The shocking thing was, all these complaints were accompanied with what is believed to be an identical photograph <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206992598088453&set=pcb.10206992617848947&type=3&theater> (Archive) used as an instrument in a previous posting by a Facebooker < www.facebook.com/kennyozl>.

We are convinced that this is an orchestrated and concerted effort by an irresponsible third party with their own conniving agenda. With this, we would like to urge all netizens to take the time and evaluate the situation/ facts for themselves. Please do not get manipulated into participating in the under handed tactics deployed by this irresponsible party.

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