Falsehood 4: BERNAS directed Gardenia to stop purchasing flour from Federal Flour Mills Bhd (FFM).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=265717473475310 (PDF Archive)

Translation: Flour supply contracts signed with the FFM Federal Flour Mills has been canceled by UMNO!

The Truth: Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd [GBKL] has been a friend to FFM since the very beginning. The working relationship between a flour mill and a bakery is like a marriage. All our trade secrets such as ingredients specification and recipes must be intimately shared. With the coming of a new competitor back in 1998, we requested FFM to stay faithful to Gardenia because from our experience, we know our secrets can be leaked out to the new bakery. FFM have made their choice to work with the new bakery and hence, we have to make our choice. We chose to buy flour from the TEH family in Perak, i.e. Malayan Flour Mill Berhad.

BERNAS became one of the major shareholders of GBKL in 2001 because of Industrial Coordination Act 1975. However, they have never interfered with our operation since day one.

So the spins that were created to boycott GBKL are not only wrong, but very dangerous and irresponsible to play with communities’ feeling. We urge Malaysian to come back to their senses and not be exploited by lies.

10 thoughts on “Falsehood 4: BERNAS directed Gardenia to stop purchasing flour from Federal Flour Mills Bhd (FFM).

  1. Hi Vegetarian Recipes. Thanks for the input on the issue of our website in the internet explorer. I will share it with our IT Department.

  2. tiew niDecember 25, 2011u fucker!!!robert kuok has molonopies this sugar and flour business for more than 40 years,is that not cronyism and the malays didn’t even question anything about it.but when a malay only got 30% shares on gardenia u guys want to boycott and play with racism.go and fuck ur own mother!!!!

  3. WanDecember 31, 2011Should have done more homework brefoe calling to boycott a brand. Now you sound stupid. Robert kuok was the buddy of syed mokhtar and the ruling party. Why do you think he can be so rich reaping Malaysians of their money. Damn bodoh right being used by massimo in desparation for sales. Hmmm

  4. For years we have been eating bread supplied form Gardenia , now it seems that the bread businnes has been politized by a competitor to gain market share and tarnishing the good Gardenia image . Cheap publicity by so called Messimo.

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